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About us

What happens when you bring together companies that individually have built up a loyal customer base over decades? You get connection, cooperation and a ‘one plus one equals three’ construction like never before. That is IBG Group.

Stronger through connection

Each company within IBG Group has its own wealth of knowledge, expertise and experience. But by creating a connection, we become stronger in all areas. Together, we form a solid supply network, that unburdens the customer – you – even better! From single cables, wires and connectors via assemblies and printed circuit boards to specialist total solutions including stock and supply chain management, fully tailored to your sector and application.

This is how we want to care for our customers. We want to be fast, efficient and passionate when it comes to helping you get the best results by staying and personal, committed and attentive in our mutual relationships. Of course, always with an open mind towards improvement and innovation so that planes continue flying safely, machines maintain non-stop production, vehicles ride smoothly from a to b, medical equipment remains reliable for your health care and thousands of other applications continue to work.

At IBG Group, connection is at the heart of everything we do

We connect your request with the best-fit solution.

Be assured, as customer, that we put all our efforts into achieving this with our in-depth  knowledge of markets, an extensive supplier network, all our know-how, experience and creativity.

We connect your requirement for product sustainability with quality of work.

Trust that we only work with manufacturers and suppliers who meet sustainability, security and the highest standards in accordance with quality and safety certification and product Certificates of Conformity (CoCs).

We connect your delivery schedules and priority levels with efficiency.

Expect your orders to be delivered on time and at appropriate pricing. Guaranteed by clever stock management, smart order consolidation and a professional customer service.

We connect with you and our suppliers in joint teamwork.

Experience satisfaction and a hassle-free long-term customer relationship, knowing you can always count on us, whether you need a single connector or customized value-added assemblies.

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