Our high-reliability products meet the most extreme specification demands for the defence industry. We understand the mission-critical nature of manufacturing electrical connections with proper shielding from (electromagnetic) interference and interception of communications data. We supply cable assemblies to major companies in the defence industry with customised advice and support, from the design phase to all production and logistic processes. Whether customers need one single cable or a complete range of cable assemblies, Incotech delivers a tailored service and the best-fit solution.

Other key markets


Where high reliability, modern technology, short and flexible lead times, and inventory management count.


Mission-critical demand for advanced Mil-Spec components with proper interference and interception shielding.


High-quality standards, safety requirements and just-in-time stock demands for aircraft builders worldwide.


Cutting-edge space technology for navigation, telecommunications, solar panels and Earth observation technology.


Fast-growing, innovative automation industry for industrial, medical, logistics sectors and beyond.


Catering for the toughest conditions to withstand high pressure and extreme temperatures at and below sea level.


Quality, safety, reliability and traceability for medical components and electronics, where patient care is paramount.

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